On 7th of March 2019, our club organized an event “The Smile of a Child” that took place in Medeines Mokykla (school for children with special needs) in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The main idea behind the project was to spend quality time with the children that attend the school and to bring some happiness in their lives. And, what better way to provoke a smile on a child’s face than by bearing gift for the child?

For that reason, we bought toys, chocolate bars, candies, bubble blowing toys, chips, croissants, and juices for the children. And, then we made gifts for a total of 148 children. The gift wrapping process was accompanied by lots of love from our side.

The children from Medeines Mokykla loved the gifts. However, they had a gift for us as well. They created a wonderful performance for us. Not only did they create a dance performance, but also they gifted us with hand-crafts and a picture.

We would like to end this post with quote from Michael Jackson: “Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be loved”.

P.S. We would like to express our gratitude to the organizations listed below for providing us with a financial support.

– Klaipėdos Rotary Klubas “Karalienė Luizė”

– Klaipėdos Miesto Rotary klubas “MARTIS”

– Klaipėdos Senamiesčio Rotary klubas

– Klaipėdos Rotary Klubas “ADITĖ“

– Rotary Klubas “Klaipėda”

– Rotary Klubas “CONCORDIA 1826”

– UAB “Draugas Draugui”