In summer 2018, by Rotaract International Club’s initiative and with the support of the Klaipeda’s local community, Tree Project event took place on LCC International University’s premises. The idea of the event consinted mainly in cleaning up the contaminated and abandoned space around the LCC University’s territory and to transform that place into little tree plantation. Through this event the Rotaract International’s aim was to contribute to the clean environment as well as to enrich the view of the area’s landscape.

There were many funds collected, hundreds of trees donated, and people gathered to make this event happen. In addition, Rotaract International’s team was able to reach out over 50 volunteers of different age and social status, who helped out a lot in the process of preparation of the land for fertilizing and after with the actual planting of the trees. The whole event lasted for several weeks, mostly focusing on work on weekends, when everyone could distract from their own business and come together in order to make a change.