Small Actions Matter

  On December 11th, the International Rotaract Club of Klaipeda invited Klaipeda’s community to change the world by taking small actions. The key speakers at the event were local businessmen that have an extensive experience in operating a business in a sustainable way. They shared their insights with the audience. The main topics discussed were […]

Let’s Clean LCC’s Territory

  For quite a long time, we have all been passing by the pond near LCC International University and we have been wondering how long the trash is going to be there. Well, a moment came until one of our members decided that it is time to take care of the trash. On April 14th 2019, […]

  On October 19th 2018, our club invited Mr. Rob Browne as a speaker at the event named “Right Way Leadership in an Upside Down World” that took place in LCC International University. Below you can find the article containing interview with him, which highlights the key points of his speech. About Robert Browne Rob Browne […]


  Together with Klaipėdos Senamiesčio Rotaract Klubas, we joined a global seaside cleanup initiative known as #WeLoveTheSea. In case you are interested in reading more about this initiative you can check out the following link: The #WeLoveTheSea initiative goal aligns with the goals of the “Peachy Clean” initiative by The Rotaract club of Zenith. On 31st of […]

Arts and Crafts for Children

  On 13th of November 2018, our club organized an arts and crafts event for the children from Klaipėdos Medeines Mokykla (school for children with special needs). The children evoked our childhood memories. For us, it was a nice trip back to our past. For them, it was an event which will remain in their memories. […]

The Smile of a Child

On 7th of March 2019, our club organized an event “The Smile of a Child” that took place in Medeines Mokykla (school for children with special needs) in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The main idea behind the project was to spend quality time with the children that attend the school and to bring some happiness in their […]

Klaipedos Medeines Mokykla is one of the Rotaract’s frequently visited places. Every once in a while, Rotaract International pays a visit to the Medeines school in order to spend some quality time with the children with special needs. Some of the children’s favorite activities are drawing, origami, and construction and launching of the paper-planes. The […]

City cleaning

While some people enjoy their time on a sunny day by going out of the city or spending time in the nature, Rotaract International Club is having a great time by cleaning up the City. Once in while our club initiates such events in order to help to preserve clean environment as well as to […]

Tree project

In summer 2018, by Rotaract International Club’s initiative and with the support of the Klaipeda’s local community, Tree Project event took place on LCC International University’s premises. The idea of the event consinted mainly in cleaning up the contaminated and abandoned space around the LCC University’s territory and to transform that place into little tree […]